Welcome to the site of the Väänänens!

The family society of the Väänänens was founded in 1937.
For more than eighty years we have welcomed the Väänänens and their relatives to join and become acquianted with their family roots.

We are using progressive genealogical methods in discovering the kinship of the Väänänens.
The work is coordinated by a reasearch team of several members of the society. We organize gatherings to all those interested in the family history.

One of the main purposes is to collect and save kinship data. We also publish history books by family branches.

Kalevi Väänänen has collected a list of Väänänens who have moved as migrants to America. The list can be found here.

Our annual meetings and the family gatherings every third year are a fine opportunity to find out your interface to the Väänänens. We also appreciate every bit of information you may have in tracing the Väänänen descendants. We publish annually the magazine "Väänästen Sukupuu" which contains stories and articles of Väänänens in Finland and abroad.

Please contact us: vaanastensukuseura(at)gmail.com

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Membership fee is 10 € / year OR a one-time payment 170 €.
It is recommended that people living abroad would pay a lifetime membership fee of 170 €.